Conversations for Action

Embedded design labs for Patient-Centric Healthcare Service Design

Advanced service co-design has conversation in a central role since stakeholder and participants need to understand, decide, and cooperate on acting.

In such a case, design may be seen as a conversational process for learning and acting together.

Project site ︎
Jonathan Romm is a PhD candidate at AHO and this project is part of his ongoing thesis ‘Embedded design labs for Patient-Centric Healthcare Service Design‘. About Jonathan ︎

As a designer and co-researcher, I am supporting Jonathan in compiling, taging and analysing the collected research across two batches (2018, 2019).  

A co-authored paper based on this work was presented at the 9th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, NID Ahmedabad, 2020.

A project showcase at Design og arkitektur Norge (DOGA) by Palak Dudani and Vilde Aasen. See website and documentation ︎︎︎

Exhibition as part of Service Design Course at Oslo School of Architecture and Design (June, 2018)

Process and activities

Project with Akershus University Hospital, Masters Studio Course 2018: Service Design 2, AHO

Part 1: Collection
Research with students

As part of their ongoing design course, master students were asked to view conversations, their contexts & accompanying mediating means as the central elements of enquiry for provoking reaction on action and analysis.

Each student kept a comprehensive record in form of a diary, compiling their analysis into a maps.

Part 2: Consolidation and Structuring

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Presentation of students’ self-analysis map (right). Coding and analysis work by research assistants (left)

Part 3: Analyses, Insights and Implications

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Synthesis work done on miro, part of ongoing PhD thesis by Jonathan Romm. Project site ︎

An excerpt from the plenary presentation at 9th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium 2020. Presentation by Jonathan Romm, Palak Dudani and Shivani Prakash. Visuals by Shivani Prakash. Symposium site ︎

Photo credits in this series:
Vilde Rebekka Aasen, Ester Kaasa, Mengxue Zhou, Alex Asensi, Jonathan Romm, Natalia Agudelo, Palak Dudani