Languaging the Futures

Role of language in imagining, shaping and materialising ‘pluriversal futures’

The complexities of today need designers who can anticipate, enact and propose ways for shaping alternative futures by design.

‘Lexicon’ looks at the intentionality of language and its central role in influencing how ‘futures’ are conceived, articulated and made.

Fuel4Design is a 3-year Erasmus + project delivered in partnership with Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Politecnico di Milano, University of the Arts London, and ELISAVA.  site ︎︎︎

As a project member, my role has been to support Prof. Morrison (AHO) in developing the module on ‘Lexicon’. 

A co-authored workshop based on this work was presented at the 9th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, NID Ahmedabad (Online), October 2020.

Workshop faciliated at RSD9 Conference. Our miro resource is open access  ︎︎︎ 

Tools and Resources

Design Futures Lexicon builds a bottom up shared vocabulary to assist, learning, teaching and research into design futures literacies.

See our open access resource here ︎︎︎
The digital versions have been developed in collaboration with Bastien Kerspern of studio Design Friction ︎︎︎


Octopa’s Journey is a narrative game-tool inviting the player to browse the futures of the Northern Sea Route.

Check out the resource ︎︎︎


Reflexicon is a card game that uses design terms and combines them with provocative questions for designers to reflect on the intentionality of their project. 

Check out the resource ︎︎︎

More to come soon