The Printed and the Built

Exhibition at National Museum of Architecture, Oslo

The nineteenth century experienced an extraordinary growth in publications; newspapers, journals, and illustrated magazines addressing an entirely new readership. Architecture formed a central part of this new publication culture, the press was full to the brim with architectural images where the dwelling formed a particularly important part of this coverage, be it as urban slum, crime scene, or site of bourgeois family life. 

This mini-exhibition shows highlights from the nineteenth century illustrated press. It is a material full of surprises, challenging the standard accounts of architectural history and enriching our understanding of nineteenth century architecture and urbanism

The exhibition is made by master students at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, in connection with the research project The Printed and the Built, a collaboration between AHO, UiO, and the National Museum, financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

Photo by Alexia Kondyliou