The Stovner Project

The Architecture of the Ordinary: Redefining protection, designation and the role of stakeholders in the future of Brutalist heritage/ A Case Study


Tom Davies is a PhD candidate at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design with focus on heritage of Post-war Brutalist buildings. His work explores how history/heritage can contribute to building community and how we can develop planning and heritage policy/practice to improve post-war estate. ︎

The Stovner district in Oslo was used as a residential case study to see what works and what doesn’t in balancing use and care of heritage values.

The Exhibition

Compiling the social history as well as the architectural and heritage stories of Stovner District, the exhibition highlighted how its architects sought to provide for residents’ needs.  

The exhibition was done as a part of the Abloom Kids film Festival (June 7-8th 2018) and exhibited at Stovner’s new library and shown digitally at other Oslo libraries.

I worked with Tom (in picture on the right) through field visits, research, concept design and setting up of the exhibition at the libraries.