Future of Work

Exploring analogue input and ai integrations in workflows

5 weeks / 2019

reMarkable AS 

Project tags
Interaction Design, AI, Prototyping, Testing, Video sketching

Chenxing Wang

Leveraging analogue inputs in an increasingly digital workspace, our project imagines new ways of working in distraction-less environments.

Keeping the learning and reflection needs of 21st century information workers in mind, the project proposes a transition for the company, from being a ‘better thinking product’ to a ‘better thinking ecosystem’.

Dirty prototyping, using tracing paper taped to ipad, running a speech to text software

How can we design new workflows which support information workers do ‘cognitively engaging’ tasks with the attention they deserve?

By exploring new input-output features such as voice, cloud storage and ai, our team visualised practical to speculative scenarios for using the reMarkable tablet.

The features were simulated by dirty mockups, which were then storyboarded into scenarios and shot as one-minute video sketches.

Scenario: Practical and everyday workflow
Feature: Voice

* Has audio

Scenario: workflow with a small change
Feature: using AI to pull out relevant data from cloud storgae

Scenario: Speculative with a completely new workflow
Feature: using AI for custom internet search


1/ Work and flows

2/ Prototype & Testing

3/ Product to Ecosystem

4/ Future Scenarios


Work and workflows

reMarkable wanted us to look at modern, digital cross-platform way of working that supports its users’ needs to achieve their goals.

What is a focused way of working?

We did a quick mapping to understand all aspects of workflow,  starting from reMarkable’s vision, mental models associated with user behaviours, and future of work.


Prototype and Testing

We prototyped 5 concepts, from micro interactions to some new ways of working using reMarkable.
Testing prototypes at reMarkable head office in Oslo. ©reMarkable 2019


Product to Ecosystem

Scenarios conceptualised at three levels of this ecosystem: reM Device, reM cloud and internet.


Future Scenarios

We use reMarkable’s analogue writing feature, and introduce  new voice and ai integrations to explore new cloud based services.