H-SEIF Project

Developing new methods for Human Centered Systems Engineering

Human - Systems Engineering Innovation Framework (H-SEIF) project aims to bridge and couple advanced engineering and design methodologies, and apply them in industrial setting to enhance innovations and value creation.

This four year project was funded by Norwegian Research Council and Oslofjordfondet (2016 - 2020). Project site ︎

Since 2020, I have been employed at the Institute of Design to create a simplified version of this project for practitioners.

As a design assistant from 2018 - 2019, I was responsible for design and planning of workshops, along with synthesis of learnings for the H-SEIF project. This included writing and presenting this work at international conferences.

A co-authored paper based on this work was presented at the 8th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, IIT Chicago, October 2019.  

Images from the workshop held at RSD8 Conference, IIT Chicago

The H-SEIF Booklet

Since March 2020, I have been employed on this project with the responsibility to summarize and simplify the learnings of the H-SEIF research project for practitioners.

The booklet is published and can be downloaded here.

As a designer, I’ve been responsible for overall direction, including writing, editing, design & production of the booklet.

Citation: Dudani, P. (Ed.). (2020). Complex Systems: Breakthrough Innovations through People. (Publication Series from University of South-Eastern Norway, no. 50). University of South-Eastern Norway.

The workshops being held at offices of project partners. Photo by Birger Sevaldson